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Blogger Image ControlsBlogger offers us a neat variety of ways by which to add images to our posts to make them look more professional. Some of them, besides uploading are, inserting from Web, phone and webcam.

In this section, we will review some basic features offered by Blogger to make use of the images we have just added in our post. These are very simple to learn and help users gain some control over the look and feel of their posts despite the fact that they must be beginners.

Image Controls In Blogger

To start using different controls that Blogger has provided for images, all you need to do is click on the image. This will highlight the image and open a set of controls.

Image controls in Blogger

Image controls in Blogger

Here’s a description of what each of them does.


Image Size

Small Reduces image to the smallest size available where height is 150px and width is 200px.
Medium This is the default size into which an image is loaded when it is inserted into the post editor. Medium size has a height of 240px and width of 320px.
Large A Large image has height of height of 300px and width of 400px
X-Large X-Large image has height of 480px and width of 640px
Original Size Restores the image back to its original size.
This may or may not fit the post editor window as well as when blog is rendered.

Image Alignment 

Left Left aligns the image in the post editor
Center Center aligns the image in the post editor
Right Right aligns the image in the post editor

Image Properties

Add Caption Enables the user to add a caption to an image. Captions are good for better understanding of what the image is about as well as for useful SEO purposes.
Properties This contains two major image properties that are also basic to image SEO.
1. Title text: Properly naming an image file can help search engines find it easily on the web. An image file name should be to the point and concise with words separated preferrably by use of dash ‘-‘.
2. Alt text: The alternate text property further aids the ‘title’ property. Using this feature, you can further define what your image is about. For example, an image containing tulips can have Title property as “how-to-grow-tulips-tutorial.jpg” and the Alternate text that explains this more can be “Step by step guide to planting bright tulips in your backyard”.
Remove Removes image from the post editor but does not remove it from Picasa Web album.

These image controls are pretty straight forward and simple, yet they give an adequate control over to the user. More image control is acquired by the use of HTML. This HTML code is easily written in the ‘HTML’ tab of the post editor. We will discuss HTML for beginners in the coming sections; quite much can be acquired even with a basic knowledge of HTML.

Enjoy using images in Blogger and plan around more to get the hang of it. You will love it!