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Among many free features that Blogger provides for beginner bloggers, one main feature is that of inserting images and some preliminary related functions. The purpose of these functions is to help newbies come up with more professional looking blog posts. Till you get the overall hang of Blogger and the related advanced HTML, these basic image features will cater to your needs fun. We will look into more advanced image controls in later section.

The Insert Image control comes with part of the Blogger defined post editing options. The following image shows the Insert Image button.

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Blogger: Insert Images
Blogger: Insert Images control

Clicking this button opens a dialog box that provides user different ways to add images. The default selection is ‘Upload’ since it is the most commonly used way to add images.

Upload Images In Blogger Posts

Using the ‘Choose files’ button in Upload tab enables the user to upload files from the local disk to Blogger server. Clicking on ‘Choose file’ button will open a dialog box which you can use to access a single or multiple image files from your local disk as shown below. Click on ‘Open’ and the file(s) starts uploading on Blogger.

Blogger: Insert Image using 'Upload' option
Blogger: Insert Image using ‘Upload’ option

When the image(s) finishes uploading, a preview is available as well as the most recent uploaded images are by default selected. Clicking the ‘Add selected’ button will insert the selected image(s) in our post. In case we want to insert multiple images into the blog post at the same time, we can upload multiple files in one go and select all their image previews simultaneously.

Using Previously Used Images in a Blogger Post

There might be times when you need to refer to a previous image in a new blog post, say, you need to refer to an image of a spread sheet that you want to discuss in your current post as well. For this purpose, the ‘From This Blog’ option works well. This is a more efficient way than uploading the same image(s) again and is more effective when there are multiple images instead of a single one.

Selecting the ‘From this blog’ tab in the Select A File dialog box will open up previously uploaded image files in Blogger.

Blogger: Insert Image using 'From this blog' option
Blogger: Insert Image using ‘From this blog’ option

Select the image or images you want to insert in your current post and click on ‘Add Selected’ button.

Other options are:

  1. From Google Album Archive: All photos of all blogs linked to a single Blogger account can be used within other blogs of the same account. Each blog will have a separate Google Album attached to it. That way you can browse through all your images that are present for you at one location to use from.
  2. From your phone: You can access images on your phone by using the ‘From your phone’ tab. It requires you to download the Google Photos application for image backups if you use an iPhone. For Android users, all photos are backed up on Google Photos by default. So, in this option, all your photos will already be accessible. Selecting any image(s) and clicking on the ‘Add selected’ button will insert them into your post.
  3. From your webcam: The ‘From your webcam’ options works with a webcam device attached to your device.
  4. From a URL:Β In addition to adding images from Google Album or uploading them, Blogger also gives us the advantage of selecting any image found on the web and then adding it into our blog posts. For this purpose, the option used is ‘From a URL’. User enters the image URL and Blogger will load that image for him. Then it can be easily inserted. To find the correct URL of an image, right click on the image and select ‘Copy Image URL’. This is the method for Google Chrome. Other browsers may have slight variations.

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