PLB April 2018 Meetup

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Reported by Nisa Anwaar, a Software Engineer by profession and founder of She believes working and rising together, and PLB works on exact same lines.

April 19, 2018 Thursday was a day when some super amazing women from Pakistani Lady Bloggers community gathered for a meaningful exciting meetup. The location and all arrangements were made by Mehreen Farhan – PLB Admin, Sehrish Azhar – Founder LivingUpbeat and Nisa Anwaar – Founder

A total of 20+ dynamic ladies showed up at our venue Cafe Barbera, Hussein Chowk, Lahore and enjoyed an informal introduction and meet ‘n greet session over their delicious exclusively discounted Hi-Tea Platters (discounts graciously arranged by

That day revealed that PLB has managed to gather not only bloggers but Nutritionists, Story Tellers, Designers, Photographers, Motivational Speakers, journalists, social Workers, Teachers and more dynamic women excelling in multiple fields.

This Meet-N-Greet was first of its kind in PLB’s history and many more are yet to come with more meaningful agenda’s and well defined goals.

Special Mentions:

  • Venue Partners – Ottutu and Cafe Barbera
Mehreen Farhan

Blogger. Technology Enthusiast. Community Builder. Book hoarder. #TeamWordpress. Aspiring Moodler. 🚀

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  1. This was a great gathering. Inshaallah will be able to join on next meet-up. I’ll be base in Lahore starting next month. Mashaallah all lovely ladies can’t wait to personally meet some of the members of our community group.

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