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Ramadan is the most festive time of the year throughout the whole Muslim world. People strive to reconnect themselves to the Quran in this blessed month. Muslims all over the world fast for the sake of Allah from dawn to dusk, in an effort to inculcate virtues of patience and obedience in themselves.

We at Pakistani Lady Bloggers also celebrated Ramzan 2018 in a unique way. For the whole month, the usual group series and prompts were stopped in honor of this holy month. Every day, one topic discussed in the Quran was shared, and members were encouraged to write about what they thought about that topic. They were encouraged to share their write ups in their personal circles also, to include as many people as they can in the blessed festivity of Ramzan.

Urdu Translations:

Each Ramzan Series write ups were very beautifully translated to Urdu by our esteemed member, Qudsia Huzaifa Jamali, who is an Urdu editor at Daastan. Her translations added more beauty to the daily write ups and PLB’s daily Ramzan series gained higher momentum.

Member Submissions:

PLBians responded to the Ramzan Series with much enthusiam and started writing their own thoughts on the daily discussions. The last ashra (last 10 days) of Ramzan has many member submissions and they all provided with much food for thought.

Read Ramzan Series 2018:

All entries for Ramzan Series 2018 has been recorded on The Pakistani Woman, parent project of PLB, for everyone’s reading pleasure. You can find Ramzan Series 2018 write ups here.

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