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Fizza Zaidi is the blogger behind “Eastern Mommy”. She belongs to a learned family and has done Masters in Economics. She is a mother of two happy and lively kids. Currently based in Australia, she originally belongs to Lahore.

Writing and reading has always been her passion. From stories to college scripts, every drama society has Fizza as their active member. But what motivated her to start a blog is her son. How he discovers the world around him, the curiosity in his eyes gave a fresh perspective on life. Looking at things from the child’s point of view made her appreciate the little moments and things in life.

Fizza Zaidi, Pakistani blogger, blogs at ‘Eastern Mommy’

Her blog is all about life’s silliness but also it’s seriousness. It is a place where she shares  laughter but also heartache, enthusiastic high-fives, hugs and joys but also fears and doubts. Here you will find struggles of motherhood and beyond. She strongly advocates to talk about how you feel and don’t ever let society define what motherhood is. It’s a personalized journey and there is no right or wrong in it.

As a Pakistani female blogger and influencer, she thinks PLB (Pakistan Lady Bloggers) community has helped her a lot in many ways. From learning, growing, expanding and to making genuine friends. She thinks that women are doing phenomenal jobs and this platform has given them a chance to grow and laugh freely.

Pakistan’s blogosphere is full of talented and gifted ladies. It is high time that women writers and bloggers should be promoted and encouraged without the discrimination. All women should unite to show the prowess and talent of Pakistani writers on National and International levels.

We should show the world our true talent and let’s not disguise ourselves. She has written a blog post on this. You can find it here.

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