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Shabana Mahfooz was born in Karachi and now living in Lahore. She is a mother of two sons who also happens to be an avid reader, tuned to music, history buff and nature lover. By profession, she is a Broadcast Journalist and after extensive experience in newsrooms and production panels of bulletins as well as programmes, including those of Geo News, she now provides consultancies and trainings. Last year, she ventured into column and feature writing as a freelance contributor and got stuck for life! Writing today for mainstream publications, she still looks for other interesting writing opportunities.

Shabana derives great pleasure from writing. According to her, it is the best form of expression for her – her thoughts, her feelings, her opinions – on issues as well as her personal beliefs. However, this is personal. Professionally, she believe the sky is the limit. Having reached the milestone of publications of the likes of Pakistan Today, The News, Daily Times and South Asia, she looks forward to exploring an entity of her own on social media. Along with it, she is always keen to teach and mentor younger and budding writers about writing skills from a journalistic point of view.

Shabana says Pakistan Lady Bloggers (PLB) has given her more than a community. “It has given me a sense of belonging, of connection with my likes and multiple writing platforms to choose from. I feel immensely proud to be a part of it,” she says.

“Together with PLB, I want to encourage others, especially women, to openly express their thoughts and feelings,” she continues. “When I go through the already growing participation, I witness amazing talent as well as basic shortcomings. I seek to create a balance between the two, so that Pakistani writers may be able to make waves, not just nationally but globally. After all, it’s a small world we live in today!”

You can find Shabana on her Facebook page: Beyond Words

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