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Professionally, I am a writer and blogger. I have been working as a freelancer content creator for the past 7 years and have written over 1000 e-books over this course of time on a range of topics such as confidence, success, goal-setting, hygge, growth mindset, introversion, anxiety, depression, gardening, dog training, health, fitness and happiness as a ghost writer. Many of my creations are Amazon best-sellers now. I have also self-published my own e-book ‘Happiness Through Mindfulness’ on Amazon. About 5 months ago, I started working with the Oxford Creative Hub as their lead Content Developer and Social media Facilitator apart from working as a freelance writer. My job revolves around creating a range of different content for the company as well as its clients. I specialize primarily in building LinkedIn profiles of clients and have helped many people grow from having about 50 views on their posts to over 1000 on each post along with a huge number of connections which eventually brings in more opportunities of growth and expansion for them. The reason I decided to work with this company was to grow better and work in a dynamic environment where I keep challenging myself and build more networks as well. My job is remote so I find it convenient to manage my heavy workload with taking care of my son and home.

I also have a blog on Steemit which is a crypto-currency based social media platform. I have been blogging there for over a year now and the experience has been nothing short of amazing.

Steemit gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons, interact with people from across the globe, learn about new cultures and traditions, and provided me with a safe space to speak openly about the things I believed in. I have made many lovely friends there and the place feels like my second home to me. An amazing thing about Steemit is that it lets you have your own blog for free and gives you the chance to make money on every post.

I have also ventured into speaking and am trying to establish myself as a speaker.

I joined PLB a few months back and I am so glad I did that because the platform is brilliant. Filled with great lady bloggers who know how to lift up one another, this platform has motivated me more to trust my abilities and explore my writing capabilities more. Also, its founder Mehreen has a heart of gold and is ever ready to help everyone.

The Pakistani blogosphere is increasing and improving at an escalating pace, and I love how it has opened new possibilities for both genders in the field of blogging. There are a few limitations still such as bloggers finding it hard to earn from blogging and naysayers demotivating bloggers to openly talk about what they want to. I think both the problems can be addressed better if we join hands to support one another and share our knowledge with another. For instance, if someone knows of a forum or a person who is looking for a good blogger, she/ he can share that information on a platform and invite other bloggers to be a part of. Also, we need to accept each other as free humans with a right to voice our thoughts and be respectful of that. Together we can and we will make the Pakistani blogosphere and the country itself bigger and better. Before I end, a big shout out to Mehreen for being her usual amazing and talented self for creating PLB and for making its website, and featuring me on it. You rock woman!

Mehreen Farhan

Blogger. Technology Enthusiast. Community Builder. Book hoarder. #TeamWordpress. Aspiring Moodler. 🚀

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