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Shumaila Mubeen Malik aka Shumi Hasan is a home maker, a mom of three and a blogger by heart. She is 32 years old and living in Gujarat city, a city famous for sohni, pottery and of course, the fan industry of Pakistan. She has done her bachelors in Psychology and then done L.L.B from her hometown.

She belongs to a literary family as her father Malik Ikhlaq Ahmed and paternal uncle were renowned press reporters in Gujrat and Lahore respectively. Her drawing room was the second home for all the literary and renowned personalities of Gujarat. She has been very lively, confident, energetic and talkative girl since her childhood but never thought of writing.

After 8 years of being happily married, her friend encouraged her to write about the life experiences and thoughts as according to her story telling comes naturally to Shumaila but infact its in her genes. A few months ago, Shumaila started penning down her thoughts and at the same time she found a very enthusiastic and encouraging platform named Pakistani Lady Bloggers on Facebook.

“It is the very first platform where I started sharing my write ups,” Says Shumaila. “I got a very good response from all the encouraging women at PLB. The admin and the ladies in this group are very loving and its more like family.”

Shumaila Hassan, blogger, member PLB

Shumaila loves to write blogs about social issues, Islamic matters. She blogs in English as well as Urdu. Writing is like catharsis to her. “The Pakistani blogging community is restrained for women by social norms. Due to this, many important issues go unaddressed. There are many topics about which the Pakistani bloggers have to blog and start spreading awareness so that our community can progress. The religious issues, sexual awareness, domestic abuse, woman and their role towards the development of our country are the such topics which had been and are neglected by the bloggers intentionally because our society is not yet ready to read and learn about these common and very important issues. The society considers it a sin to talk about sexual harassment and sexual abuse even in the 21st century when our country is facing these issues daily on a very large scale. The basic education on these sensitive issues is still unavailable. This is the time to bring the change in our society on a large scale. The blogging and literary community has a duty to fulfil. Lets all grab our hands and start spreading awareness about these sensitive issues.”

Blogging has just become a passion for Shumaila and she wants to bring a change in the society by her words. Right now, she is a stay-at-home mother and focusing on her family. She is planning to do M.Sc Psychology.

Learning about human behavior and helping them is the main focus of Shumaila. The opportunity given to her by this platform, Pakistani Lady Bloggers community, is a wonderful opportunity as it helps to spread the awareness among women. She wishes that her words may help someone in any way.

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