Sarah D. Fawad

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Sarah Fawad is a young individual who has been passionate about writing since her childhood. She wrote for Young World Dawn, in college and then for her university magazine.

Sarah was born in a literary family, her maternal grandfather was a leading journalist, associated with Jang group in the 1960s and her paternal grandfather was an Islamic scholar and author of numerous books on Islam and translations of Quran. She proudly owes her writing skills to the tremendous support her parents gave her and the confidence with which they let her pursue her passion of literature.

After her parents it was her husband who supported her, making it possible for her to complete her masters after marriage, talking to publishers and lawyers to get her book published and being the biggest supporter of her always, cheering her on from the sidelines. She wants other men to know what a little bit of support and love can do for a woman, it can make her chase her dreams and fulfill her ambitions.

She loves poetry, Keats and Wordsworth her favorites and has written numerous poems, mostly slam poetry on women, child abuse, societal pressures and contemporary literature, posted on her Facebook page.

She completed her Masters in English literature and went on to start her blog, Sarah Says on Facebook and Instagram. She blogs about everyday societal issues, women related problems and taboo topics. She is also known for her witty and humorous posts about her own life and experiences.

Her latest venture is the successful publication of her debut novel, ‘How (not) to be a good housewife’, in collaboration with an Indian publishing agency. The novel is about women, housewives in particular and how she lends them a voice in society. She is working on her second novel and also on various other projects based in Pakistan and about Pakistan.

Sarah is of the view that Pakistani Lady Bloggers is an excellent initiative to uplift the blogging scenario in Pakistan and encourage bloggers and writers to promote themselves. It has been a pleasure to be associated with PLB and to connect with fellow bloggers, she says.

Sarah also head a Facebook group called “Mommies and Bloggers Pakistan”.

Sarah wishes to encourage other young women to flaunt their writing skills and explore their thoughts and dreams. Even though she faced critique when she chose the field of literature she aims to spread awareness and encouragement to young women who are passionate about writing and blogging.

She is always open to help anyone new to blogging/writing and she can be reached through PLB or her Facebook page, “Sarah Says” (link provided below).

Her Facebook Blog link is:

Her Instagram account handle is:

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