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Mehwesh Ahsan is a Pakistani blogger currently based in Adelaide, Australia. She has done her masters in English Linguistics. Belonging to a military family, she lived in different cities during her childhood. Completed her schooling from Rawalpindi and then eventually moved to Karachi, her hometown. She always had a strong inclination toward art, creativity and writing. Marriage to a ‘Design and Film’ graduate made it possible for her to keep fuelling the passion as she accompanied him for his different projects, art exhibitions and also had the opportunity to work on a book called ‘Crafts Traditions of Pakistan’ in 2006.

Mehwesh Ahsan is a Pakistani blogger, based in Australia. She blogs at ‘The Ordinary Girl’

Mehwesh moved to Malaysia in 2009 and while her career took a different turn, she kept on writing without ever having the courage to publish it. Living in a major tourist country, she was often approached for tips, suggestions and recommendations. Tired of writing all the information for every message, she decided that a public space was needed to put all these details. So, a blog around travel and food came into existence. It was named ‘The Ordinary Girl’ as Mehwesh truly believes that ordinary moments of life need to be celebrated.

With a full time demanding corporate job and another major move in 2017 to Australia, the blog became a safe space where she felt connected to those who read her writing and understood her. During the tougher days, it became a way to unwind and gave her the strength to remain focused and positive. Something which started as travel and food diary became an outlet for her to write the experiences of living in a foreign country, suggestions on adjusting to the new way of life and even tips on finding jobs.

She aspires the blog to be a source of genuine and relatable information for others – something she herself craved for.

PLB introduced her to the world of Pakistani Lady Bloggers that could relate to her writing. Since she moved away from Pakistan a decade ago, having found like-minded people in a virtual space was just remarkable. There is nothing better than being in a strong support system that encourages you to write, appreciates your work, gives you valuable feedback and helps you through writer blocks and technical glitches. She says that there are days when all she does is read the blogs on PLB to be refreshed and energized.

Pakistani bloggers are very lucky as the rich culture, traditions, fashion, handicrafts and social issues provide them with a plethora of subjects to write about. Bloggers use their talent to create awareness and promote a country that needs all the projection there can be. What lacks is the due recognition for the hard work they put into content creation. Local brands and businesses must engage emerging bloggers as well in meaningful collaborations that would benefit both the parties. PLB community is ideal to find a pool of talented content creators who just need a bit of boost.

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