Contest Entry by Ariba Nakhuda: ‘Voices’

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Contestant Name: Ariba Nakhuda

Topic: Voices

They were everywhere, continuously whispering into my ears. They followed me wherever I went. They were playing tricks on my mind, they were on my nerves. They chained me so that I could never escape them. Their return made me feel lonely and worthless. No matter what I did, they never calmed, instead kept pushing me to the darker side of my fate.

Those fierce voices kept coming to me and made me guilty for who I am. They made me hate myself and feel dead inside. I felt like harming myself to end my existence. It was more horrific than any physical pain.

Those voices were sharp, scratching my soul. They were too heavy to hold. I was in need for help, some support but only what was left with me was my reflection that was itself too frail. I ran miles to find ease but those chains would smack me down to my face. I would cry all night in dark never seeing the day. The only thing that would come to me were haunts to stray. These forces made me bleed and I thought , β€œAt last I succeeded!” But as soon as I was laid in the grave, they found there way again with more force to strain. They stayed with me until I was forgotten by the world forever, eroding in the soil, giving birth to a seed.

Total words: 231

This is a short story entry by PLB member Ariba Nakhuda

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