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Contestant Name: Farah Imran

Topic: Lost & Found

The phenomenon of ‘lost and found’ follows the theorem of ‘cause and effect’. Unless the former occurs, the latter can never ensue in its true essence; let alone be cherished or valued!

Thoughts hailed my mind as I looked around frantically.

Until you experience the loss of one, you can neither fathom their true significance nor can you value it. Appreciation, acknowledgment, and thankfulness is seldom a natural reaction; it mostly comes with remorse and regret of losing someone or … something precious.

A little negligence and all may ruin.

It was unnerving … the value of time leisurely being ticked away by the clock, the cost it would incur to me and the wastage of efforts I had so dearly put in this whole affair when suddenly; as if by divine intervention, I found the phone number I thought I had lost forever!

Happiness over the wheels of thankfulness drove in like a whistling train. But what would his reaction be!

Perplexed I dialed the number. It was his friend’s. I told him how in a hurry he left his mobile home. As he handed the phone to my husband, I sighed in relief!


“Everything good???” He sounded in a rush

“Yes, ermm, I just wanted to say… if you could come home earlier today bringing over a pack of yogurt!”


“It will be ruined! My pizza dough! I added the yeast already! Please do! It will start RISING!”

I bet he lost his temper! Probably forever!

Total words: 250

This is a short story entry by PLB member Farah Imran

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