Contest Entry by Saher Arshad: ‘Prisoner’

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Contestant Name: Saher Arshad

Topic: Prisoner

All she wanted right then was to indulge in her favorite Alfredo Pasta with loads of mushrooms to distract her mind. It is common sense, if not the sense of responsibility, to let your wife know you will be late. She was sure he always did this not because he gets stuck at work but because he never deems her important enough. He entered home and went straight to take a shower and she wanted to get done with her dinner and pretend to angry-sleep before he comes out but the opener refused to work on the mushroom can. She did not want to hurt her ego by asking for help. Now she could either do with the pasta without mushrooms or sleep on an empty stomach. And right then, when she was in the middle of this confusion, he entered the kitchen, smiling, and produced a new can-opener from behind him. “I figured it needed to be replaced while opening my sweet-corn last night”, he said and made an exit to go watch TV. And there she stood, with an open can of mushrooms in her hand, an un-bruised ego and a new can-opener. And although the job was done without her having to ask, she was even more angry at this show of kindness with an indifference towards her anger. And so, the new can-opener got thrown into the garbage. Why you ask? Because she was a prisoner of her ego, and him of his indifference.

Total words: 239

This is a short story entry by PLB member Saher Arshad.

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