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Contestant Name: Areesha Abid

Topic: Lost & Found

“I’ll make them pay of what I’d lost because of them.”
The cruelty of his words was expressing from his eyes.
“Really?? We’ll get lots of money and fame through this organization?”
“Yeah we’ll get what we want just to need to join them.”
“And what’s so wrong into joining them for a financial help we’re not leaving our religion.”
“You’ve to worship him if you want our help, we’ll give you whatever you want, in return just kowtow to him.”
They kowtowed to him just to fulfill their dreams, of having lots of money and fame by having a thought in mind that, it’s just a prostrate not they’re leaving their religion or worshiping another creature.
He’s laughing loudly.
“I told that, I’ll make them pay.
I just refused for kowtowing them and I was let out from the heaven.
Now that’s my revenge, they’ll be kowtowing me just for the name, fame and success rather than their Almighty God”.
Cruel laugh of that creature was like hell.
There’s a rotten smell in the atmosphere.
Residencies called the ambulance and police. Door was open to that luxurious house, and dead body was lying on the chair.
No one knew about, how he died when the smell of the rotten body arose, people unlocked the door and found a dead body.
The money and fame he collected by kowtowing Satan was laughing at his body. He wasn’t able to bring a single penny with him.
Luxuries and Satan were laughing.

Total words: 250

This is a short story entry by PLB member Areesha Abid.

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