Contest Entry by Ayesha Azeem: ‘Lost & Found’

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Contestant Name: Ayesha Azeem

Topic: Lost & Found

It’s so funny how some days she was 100% sure that she was over all this. She was filled with gratitude that she has overcome the struggles that were tearing her soul apart. She would smile more and feel whole again as she had not felt before since he abandoned her. Without even standing in a “Superman” pose she would feel stronger than ever. From dawn to dusk it wouldn’t hit her that he was no more the sun of her orbit. Her heart wouldn’t skip a beat looking at those airplanes in the sky.

But then there were days when she felt desolate when she could recreate those exact moments that made her felt the happiest ever. She assumes what would she do if at this moment he comes back to her. She would hear his footsteps in crowded streets and turn back. She closed her eyes and visualized that face because she was afraid to forget it. She longed for the “hiraeth” they once had. The strange days like these made her feel how hopelessly love reassures that she was so not over it yet!

She talked to herself as she sipped her morning coffee. She couldn’t concentrate on anything and spilled coffee on the floor and felt like a mess. Dressed up in her yoga pants and black T, in the middle of her lounge floor she sat and busted into tears like a toddler.

This wasn’t the first time she felt lost & found.

Total words: 248

This is a short story entry by PLB member Ayesha Azeem.

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