Contest Entry by Rabia Binte Salam: ‘Voices’

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Contestant Name: Rabia Binte Salam

Topic: Voices

It was a cheerless and gloomy day. Everything was murky in his surroundings. The sun was nowhere in the sight and it seems that the darkness was wrapping the earth, including his body. It wasn’t sure if the birds were chirping or crying as the parched leaves from the dry trees were falling on the ground.

He had been mourning since hours. His ears were covered with his dry and wrinkled hands and he was growling;

” I know I made a mistake, I gaffed. Oh my daughter! I gaffed”

No one was there- just his own voices. He knew that he discriminated his own daughter for his beloved son.

He wanted his son to be his ” Burhapay ka sahara” so he sold his 7 years daughter to an 80 years man in the name of marriage.

He knew she had just started knowing the meaning of life; he knew that she loved him that she always wanted to comfort her father. Even at that day, his arrival at home made her little hands bringing a glass of water for him; her tiny hands were moving fast to iron his clothes as she knew that her father had to reach somewhere urgently- but didnt know to ruin her life.
Still, he ignored her affection for his solipsistic son who left him sick and helpless for his OWN family.

Here, he was alone, with his own voices cursing him to be the resident of this atrocious and selfish world.

Total words: 247

This is a short story entry by PLB member Rabia Bint-e-Salam.

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