Contest Entry by Rukhsar Khan: ‘Prisoners’

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Contestant Name: Rukhsar Khan

Topic: Prisoners

Anisha, ran a bed space with her full time job. Her studio apartment was divided into 6 spaces, where all girls lived and shared the tiny kitchen and bathroom. Apart from Anisha they were mostly housemaids, who could not afford an entire apartment of their own but worked in the same area for hourly wages. Anisha lived in Dubai, worked in a factory and saved the apartment income to send home so her mother could make her dowry . After ten years when she went back,she figured out the money she had been sending was all spent, she came back with a broken heart . Shaani, her flatmate, who, resolved to live in Dubai after her husband got married back home. Her visa expired and she became an illegal immigrant but was lucky that the homes she worked for let her continue. Kala lived in the same studio, after years of scrubbing expats toilets she managed to save a big sum , her boyfriend promised to marry her if she gave him the money,he disappeared on her, and she chose to stay back in the same studio. These women were the prisoners , prisoners of glamour that the city offered , prisoners of relationships they never had. The only difference was, these prisoners sent money back home. These prisoners had lost hope, they simply submitted to their jail, never to return home.. to poverty and deceit.

Total words: 233

This is a short story entry by PLB member Rukhsar Khan.

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