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Contestant Name: Sharoon Yasir

Topic: Lost & Found

‘No you cannot leave him. What about all the promises you made to him to be his forever

and till death does you two apart?

‘But I feel suffocated now. I loved him and maybe I will forever, but does that mean he has the right to kill my soul every single day?’

‘Think of how you will lose your integrity and respect in the society. People always blame the woman. She is the one always at fault. Do not forget that.’

‘For a decade I kept thinking of the society, their expectations, my kids and my family, but when will I think of myself? I may lose respect in their eyes, but what about the respect and love I will find for myself?’

‘A woman in this society is incomplete without her man. You cannot find happiness by abandoning him.’

‘A woman cannot be happy with an abusive man either. I can find meaning and happiness on my own by unlocking my spirituality.’

This was a constant battle that went on in her head every single day of her life for a long time. She felt chaotic and distorted from within, but then her inner conscience made her take a step for herself. She lost her integrity in front of the society, but found peace and meaning from within. With a smile on her face and her kids in her arms, she made a leap towards a happy future.

Total words: 240

This is a short story entry by PLB member Sharoon Yasir.

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