Contest Entry by Sana Ali: ‘Lost & Found’

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Contestant Name: Sana Ali

Topic: Lost & Found

22nd March

I freeze. Is this a prank? The entry in my diary is under tomorrow’s date. I read the words again, slowly.

“There is a tap at the window”

“I’m trembling so hard I can barely write”

“Her skin is as white as the freshly dead. Empty sockets for eyes, her lips holding a silent scream. She is here”


The ‘u’ was swept away. Dragged away. God knows into what.

I always kept my diary locked up. How could someone write in it? A chill runs up my spine. I brush it off. Better get some sleep.

23rd March

I couldn’t shake off the eerie feeling I had last night. I open my diary to vent about it but end up staring at the blank page under today’s date. The entry was gone. Was I hallucinating?

There is a tap at the window.

My heart skips a beat, then goes into overdrive. I force myself to look up. I see her. Her thin lips part into a vile grin, her hollow eyes fixated on me as she is edging closer. Fear clenches like a tight fist around my chest. I feel paralyzed. She is hovering over me. I feel her breath on me, smelling of agony and revenge. Her smirk deepens. I feel my skin going blue, the warmth exiting my body. My hands become brittle and twist inwards. I reach out to my diary, my fingers curl around the pen.

“There is a tap at the window.”

Total words: 250

This is a short story entry by PLB member Sana Ali.

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