Contest Entry by Shumi Hassan: ‘Prisoners’

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Contestant Name: Shumi Hassan

Topic: Prisoners

“You cant do this,” he whispers.

“But I know, I can.” She replies.

“Trust me. I know you better than you,” he whispers again.

“But this is my dream project and such opportunities don’t knock on one’s door twice.” She says in an enthusiastic tone.

“It is not your piece of cake. Don’t you remember the last time you tried and failed.” He tells her in a tough tone.

“May be, I lack something that time but now I am confident enough to beat anyone.” Her eyes sparkles with confidence.

“Do you want to go through the similar pain? Just recall that time of defeat and frustration. Every one was laughing at you. They pretended that they care but no one really cared. They left you crying.” He tries to overpower her.

“But…”, she starts murmuring.

“No, you are not good enough to do anything. You are nothing but a piece of shit. I have told you several times that no one needs you, there is no place for you in this world. But you never listen.”

“Please stop it, I don’t want to go through that pain again. Yes, you are right no one loves me. I am all alone in this world. No one really cares about me and my inner frustration. I should end this pain and exasperation of mine.” she knelt down in front of her own mind as she is a prisoner of him.

Total words: 247

This is a short story entry by PLB member Shumi Hassan.

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