Contest Entry by Adeena Tahir: ‘Lost & Found’

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Contestant Name: Adeena Tahir

Topic: Lost & Found

As I desperately clutched onto the thorny shrubs growing on the ledge, I felt my life slipping away from own two hands. My senses were sinking into numbness, as a befogging fear took hold of me. The chilly snow in which I had dug my fingers and feet, to loosely latch onto this cliff that now seemed far too steep, mockingly fed off my body’s heat to melt away into a betraying icy exterior, from which I would slip off to tumble down the hillside into death.


“Death?” I tighten my grip as my mind is jolted awake by the harrowing thought of death. No, I will not die like this. I’ve hiked too far to fall back now. I muster up all the strength that I could find in my body’s limbs and look straight at the black rock up ahead. Inhaling deeply, I push my feet back down to then jump up, stretching my arm as far I could to clutch the pointy edge of the rock in time. I hold on, then heave my body up mightily, and realize that I had just escaped death. There, it dawns on me how grateful I am for my body. My arms and legs no longer looked fat and I felt as if my body was perfect, and my only strength. The part of me that I had lost to anorexia had suddenly been found. And I profoundly fell in love with my own body, all over again.

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This is a short story entry by PLB member Adeena Tahir.

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