Contest Entry by Eashatirrazia Khan: ‘Voices’

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Contestant Name: Eashatirrazia Khan

Topic: Voices

For the past forty eight hours I was placed on the ventilator. For the first time in my life I was so helpless. I was unable to move or talk. The only sound was a continuous beep coming out of the heart rate machine, indicating that I was alive.

Throughout my life I had raced to move forward. My busy lifestyle never permitted me to stop, to look around. It was the first time past flashed before me- I had regrets. I loved silence, which was fine, but the problem was my intolerance towards the voices.

Thirty years back, I met Sarah at a friend’s place. She was laughing and chatting, so happy; just being herself. That moment I fell in love with her. After our marriage, her melodious voice that once mesmerised me, started to sound annoying.

“Shut up!” I scolded Sarah. She was telling me how the party was. She was a sensitive person. After this event, I never learned how her day was, or how her shopping experiences went. My whole life was full of similar experiences.

The memory streak was broken as I finally heard Sarah’s voice. She was sobbing and discussing something with the doctor. I wanted to hear her voice and the voices of my kids. I could do that for eternity now. But the vent was turned off, and I lost everything, even the beeping sound of my heart rate machine, which indicated that I was alive.

This is a short story entry by PLB member Eashatirrazia Khan.

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