Contest Entry by Taymia Zahidi: ‘Prisoners’

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Contestant Name: Taymia Zahidi

Topic: Prisoner

She put all her energy behind that throw. Shielding her eyes, she peered up into the bright afternoon. Her heart filled with joy. This was the highest throw she had ever managed. The ball rushed towards her and she caught it in her waiting hands.

The bell rung. β€œKon hai?” her voice had a tint of that joy. She unlocked the door without bothering to wait for the answer. It was him. The dhobi. His face twisted deviously. He stepped in and before she could turn to run, his fist was clutched around her arm. He dragged her towards the steps. He put down the bundle of clothes.

His arms tightened around her. His beard scratched her neck and cheeks. She waited. She waited for a long time for the hug to be over. His breath was hot, quick and desperate. Her tiny body bending to his will. Her fragile ribs almost snapped at the severity of the physical contact. She looked towards the alley beside the house; her house. Waiting.

Maybe if she wriggled she could get free. Maybe she was strong enough. Images of self-defense ran through her head so fast she barely caught on to one before the next replaced it.

A black belt. A Spy. Superpowers of being invisible. In her head she was free. His fingers dug into her arms. He loved her. He rocked back and forth like a soft lullaby her mother used to sing. Footsteps. He let her go.

Total words: 247

This is a short story entry by PLB member Taymia Zahidi.

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