Contest Entry by Zarqoon Amin: ‘Voices’

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Contestant Name: Zarqoon Amin

Topic: Voices

Today a shopkeeper charged him less by mistake and he refused to walk back a mile to return a few bucks.
Strolling back towards his home, he halted when he heard a voice in his mind.

“The penny was not yours to take my friend.”

He ignored the voice and resumed walking, but with each moment the lightness in the voice kept getting brighter and brighter. It was blazing so hot his soul felt scourged.

Exhausted, he sat on the pedestal path. Guilt was churning in his stomach, pushing him to do the right thing.

He couldn’t believe he was feeling guilty over a penny; nevertheless, the feeling didn’t go away.

“The penny was not yours to take my friend.” Repeated the irritating voice.

Grimacing he took a swing from the soda he just purchased and gulped it down.

Massaging his forehead in frustration, he heard another voice, a voice that felt as if coming far from a tunnel.

“They are jussst few rupees, my boy, nobody would care.” It hissed nonchalantly.

He froze.

The voice was laden with cruelty, its aura shrouded by darkness. But he intentionally overlooked those signs because the dark voice echoed what he was thinking already.

Taking a deep breath, he ignored the pleading from lightness and stood up to march back home with money that was not his own anymore.

The darkness leaned forward and swatted a piece form the chess board with its hand.

Relaxing back, it announced with a Cheshire smile.


Total words: 250

This is a short story entry by PLB member Zarqoon Amin.

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