Contest Entry by Aamna Imran: ‘Voices’

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Contestant Name: Aamna Imran

Topic: Voices

Rida Ali was thirty; a pretty, elegant, young woman, truly successful by worldly standards.

With two distinction degrees from top notch business schools and a handsome job at the best paying MNC, many used to envy her near perfect life!

But it had been two and a half decades of those voices still chasing her.

She would hear them early morning as she gently rocked her little son, before the rush of the day began.

Like a Qur’anic verse or prayer said in unison! Like a call for prayer, pulling her towards itself.

Only last year she had married her best friend and turned from Rida S. Khan to Mrs. Ali.

She thought the voices might drown now as she would welcome new relationships, but no, they still followed her.

With her often uncovered head and ambitious career aspirations, she might not have been religious to the onlooker, but in her heart she had a strong bond with Almighty.

Fast forward a decade…..!

Rida finishes her Asr prayers and turns her head to say Salam to the angels on both her sides.

As she raises her hands for Dua, she hears those voices again, but not in her head anymore. A group of students are memorising the beautiful Surah Asr in her veranda waiting for their beloved teacher to come out and explain to them the verses from Almighty in her heart rending words.

The voices were her calling and in this little, far-off village, she had found their meaning.

Total words: 250

This is a short story entry by PLB member Aamna Imran.

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