Contest Entry by Arfa Masihuddin: ‘Lost & Found’

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Contestant Name: Arfa Masihuddin

Topic: Lost & Found

There was not enough space to get out of the car. The grave looked too real.

She fidgeted in her seat, pressed against the car window. Her right shoulder hurt. A sharp stabbing pain choked her breath.

“What just happened! How could this happen?”

The rose petals sleeping on the wet mud made her uncomfortable. She wanted to rip out her heart and bury it under the grave.

Her mother and aunts and uncle were right there. She could hear their tears. But could she do anything? Did she want to anymore?

“I really miss you, Nani Jaan. This morning is mystical. The sky also cried a little. It’s the beginning of the end of an era, this first morning without you.”

“I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye to you but I got to say the best goodbye to you. I wasn’t there before but I was there now. I didn’t know who you really were, but when I lost myself, I loved all of you. I was hating but you showed me how to love. Unconditionally. I did get only the best from you. But I didn’t get to say goodbye to you right before you left. I was late, I’m sorry. I’ve been saying sorry to myself. But I got to say the best goodbye to you…”

As the car drove off, she thought she’d lost herself.

“It’s only when you lose, that you find.” The rose petals from her grave flew after the car.

Total words: 249

This is a short story entry by PLB member Arfa Masihuddin.

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