Contest Entry by Arifa Shahab: ‘Lost & Found’

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Contestant Name: Arifa Shahab

Topic: Lost & Found

It was 23 March, Pakistan Resolution Day, but a regular day for me as I was on ward call.

Entering briskly in male ward I came straight to first bed. I guessed his age 85 years and assumed there must not be some serious ailment as he was sitting comfortably. As I glanced on bio-data, startled to see his mentioned age “105”. I couldn’t resist myself by praising him of his sound health and he just smiled as I passed remarks and said afterwards “it’s not longevity that matters, it’s quality of life that matters”.

In context of 23rd March a question popped in my querist mind and I uttered unhesitatingly.
I inquired (viewing his age) about his thoughts, experiences regarding Pakistan and what have we found and lost so far.

He took a sigh and a paused for a while and spoke in broken voice:
The only thing we found is our Dreamland our beloved Pakistan for that we fought and sacrificed in Hope of Paradise.
But alas! the list of we lost is too long. We failed to make it a prosperous,tolerant and a welfare state.
We lost our beloved East Pakistan.
We lost the values for which Pakistan was founded.
We lost the innumerable, precious,innocent lives in terrorist attacks and in fake encounters.
We lost dignity.
We lost our children in APS Peshawar.
We lost……… and his voice lost overwhelmed by his emotions.

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This is a short story entry by PLB member Arifa Shahab.

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