Contest Entry by Sara Qadeer: ‘Lost & Found’

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Contestant Name: Sara Qadeer

Topic: Lost & Found

She is too young to understand, they all said. Mama was wearing white today and sleeping on a strange wooden bed. She was surrounded by a sea of crying women. They were going to wake Mama up! Even then she noticed Mama was not wearing her favourite twinkling gold band.

She needed a mission. Find the gold band, return it to its rightful place. Where is it? Mama’s room! She looked under the bed, sweeping her little arms side to side. Oh great, now her arms were all grey. They were wiped on the sides of her little tunic.

Finally, she dared to approach the ornate jewelry box on the dressing table. She opened the little treasure chest. No gold band. Box snapped shut. Her Hello Kitty box! It had a special place here. She would take a look at her own treasures instead. She opened the box and there it was, on a bed of colorful hair ties.

The twinkling gold band.

She grabbed it and ran out but got blocked by a sea of legs. The crying got louder. A pair of strong hands ushered her inside and placed her on top of the bed. The gold band was worn by two little fingers instead of one. She was too young to understand. She lay there, knees close to her chest, mission accomplished. She was also too young to know she had lived within Mama in this exact position only a few years ago.

Total words: 246

This is a short story entry by PLB member Sara Qadeer.

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