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Contestant Name: Taskeen Fatima

Topic: Voices

“Mje yaad kar k meri maghfirat k liye dua karna”

With this, her Nani finalized the proposal.

Every time she used to smile while texting him, Nani would say the same.

Every time that she blushed while receiving chocolates and garlands from him, Nani would utter the same.

Every time he would come home while Nani was also there and his eyes used to search for her, she would tell her about it gleefully and would say the same.

Exactly a year ago before her wedding, life didn’t do justice with Nani and she departed.

On the wedding day, while life ahead only seemed as an enchanted bed of roses with flowers being showered her way, Nani’s voice echoed again inside her overwhelming soul,

“Mujhe yaad kar k meri maghfirat k liye dua karna”

Maybe for the last time ever.


While changing into the sultry maroon robe she can clearly hear his footsteps sounding louder and nearer. Dreading this night like all others, she prepares herself to face the beast that will unleash himself soon.


With bruised face and wounded hands she collects her shattered pieces daily and gathers the strength to withhold the torture and agony while he goes through dark episodes of untreated schizophrenia.


“Why isn’t Nani here to witness this all?”

She silently questions herself with un-shed tears while concealing her purple wounds and ravening hickeys every morning with a faint voice whispering in the background,

“Mujhe yaad kar k meri……..”

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This is a short story entry by PLB member Taskeen Fatima.

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