Contest Entry by Kunwal Javid: ‘Prisoners’

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Contestant Name: Kunwal Javid

Topic: Prisoners

Faraz picked at the loose piece of skin near his nail.

‘So what did they put you in here for?’

The timid natured man, Zuhair, opposite him gulped and stuttered something.

Pasha snickered. ‘He couldn’t say boo to a mouse, what ever could they have caught him doing?’

Karim looked bored. He was fed up of these clowns and their random conversations. He really needed out of here- and soon.

Samir looked at Faraz. He annoyed the hell out of him with his dominating attitude. He might slit his throat tonight if he didn’t shut up.

Taimoor felt sorry for Zuhair but he knew when to keep his mouth shut. Instead he thought of his beautiful Aliya as he longed to be in her arms again.



The guard stared in fascination at the man inside the prison cell. The man’s face turned slightly towards him as the guard watched the change in his expressions and gestures as he seemed to be talking to someone. Or someone(s)? To any passerby’s eyes, there was only one man that sat inside that cell. But only the guard seemed to see that that one prisoner’s body housed many other prisoners.

Total words: 199

This is a short story entry by PLB member Kunwal Javid.

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  1. Its a nice Storyline. I (as a reader) did get your point. And that is very positive. But I feel it lacks coherence at some places. Otherwise, it was a good read.

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