Contest Entry by Sarah Hashmat: ‘Voices’

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Contestant Name: Sarah Hashmat Khan

Topic: Voices

“Test the lights and sound.”

Technician replied, “Tested”.

*Sipping her coffee* “Perfect!”

“what about mics? Aren’t they supposed to be attached to our tops?”

“Mics are ready, things are under control ma’am.” Replied the technician.

“They have informed that, he´s expected any moment ma’am.”

“We have to go live within ten minutes. We cannot afford delays.”

*Click-clack of heels and perpetual ticking of clock became intense*

*Parting her pursed crimson lips* “I am going live now.” She whispered.

Simultaneously, she heard a male Voice, ´Hello, I am Facebook´. Lady greeted him abruptly
as she observed his appearance. He was wearing a dark suit, blue shirt and seemed clueless.

“You look stunning! *As she approved his dress code* We are going on air. Ready!”
Ladies and gentlemen please give a big hand to Mr. Facebook for constructing an all-
inclusive virtual society.

“let´s begin! Due to time constrain, I am bound to pose just a single question to you.”

“What is the reason behind your fame?”

Before Mr. Facebook could answer, a voice came from the darkest spot in the studio,

“Pretentious people.”

“Wait. *baffled* Cut it. Let´s take it from the top.”

“What is the reason behind your fame? She repeated.

The same voice whispered,

“Pretentious People. People who exhibit their precious moments of life to those who are least interested in it.”

The voice chuckles, fading away in the pit of darkness. Leaving the lady terrified.

“Who is it? Who is there?” inquired the lady but remained in vain.

Total words: 250

This is a short story entry by PLB member Sarah Sarhandi.

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