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Contestant Name: Aisha Shoaib

Topic: Lost & Found

Tehmina was finding the precious thing as she lost it since the day she entered into the quiet and cool ambiance of the class.She was a dedicated person towards her passion.But unfortunately she didn’t know that she was observing too much, when she worked on portal to complete the assignments! She tried her best in completing her tasks and gave 100% result without making silly mistakes….
She was an introvert person and couldn’t express herself in front of anybody. She thought as it was just a task to accomplish unconditionally!

One day she got the message from the dearest friend;

“I’m not better than you because I am the best.”

She got hurt really!
She cried, “Oh! What is this?”

She got disturbed and left the environment suddenly and sadly…She didn’t mean to win or defeat anybody!

After passing few years when she got some time, her inner thirst took her to the another environment, which was much much better than the previous one. She was recognized by her intelligence soon.She can felt their observing attitude.
Her confidence level was becoming high due to their trust and positive attitude towards her.Then she finally found her precious thing that is ‘confidence’ which was lost few years back!

Now she is so happy and thankful to them in finding her soul back!

Total words: 220

This is a short story entry by PLB member Aisha Shoaib.

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