Contest Entry by Laraib Zakir: ‘Prisoners’

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Contestant Name: Laraib Zakir

Topic: Prisoners

Smashed into a million pieces,

The mirror never seizes to reflect.

The fragments will remain,

There within you.

Shattered. The trembling hands, trying to recover the strength they once had, and in this moment, when all was fragile, she did believed in that very strength, somewhere within her, it was just… just not showing up maybe.

It’s longer than it ought to be.

Seconds take minutes to pass

Minutes take hours to pass

And hours, they take entire days to pass,

But pain, it stays there. Stagnant.

The floor was strewn with smithereens of the glass, which had fallen lovingly from her hand, too fast to get hold of it and too slow to grieve it’s falling. It seemed so familiar. The pieces, that lay contended, didn’t cease to reflect. Reflect on her. Reflect in her fading grey irises. Closing her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath, trying to hush down the rapidly beating heart, pushing back the stray auburn strands of hair behind her ears and calming the strains on her forehead, she lifted the velvety maroon quilt, steadily.  Straightening her straining neck to sit up, she struggled with several bone crushing aches, many at a single moment. It was hard to see if any of her part was spared form the agony she was going through.

The prison is not always four walls, you could feel imprisoned by just anything. Halting you, taking your breath away every minute, tormenting you with sighs.

Total words: 246

This is a short story entry by PLB member Laraib Zakir.

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