Contest Entry by Madeeha Kausar: ‘Lost & Found’

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Contestant Name: Madeeha Kausar

Topic: Lost & Found

“Sualeha! I am running late for work, please get my breakfast, you have become sluggish!” he said in a very loud voice and was about to slap her when his phone rang. An electric shock ran inside her body and her ears started ringing again. This usual yelling, mocking, hitting and taunting had become an everyday ordeal for her. No matter what she did, it was never enough for him or his family.

It had been four years since they got married. She being a very educated girl who was rising and shining in her career before this happened. He was equally qualified but his primitive family background and traditional approach towards societal norms had made him a beast. Moreover, his parents tried to intimidate Sualeha and made her believe that she is the one who causes all this. “Beta your man is Hakim, he is given this position by Allah so if you disobey him he can hit you”, the mother-in-law would often say this to her when she used to cry.

“Ama I want to leave him” said a sobbing Sualeha to her mother one day. “Okay beta, you can always come here, we are there for you”, assured her mother. She was tired of being abused. That was the day she decided to leave so that she can find the lost part of herself. She left this lunatic man in order to be her happy self again. It was difficult but not impossible.

Word Count: 246

This is a short story entry by PLB member Madeeha Kausar.

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