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Contestant Name: Mona Sohail

Topic: Voices

Down on her knees in a dark room she squeezed her ears with her hands in an attempt to stop every possible passage of voice making its way through.
” I am sorry, but don’t worry ALLAH kay ghar dair ha andher ni”, these words have been pricking her heart as well as soul since last 8 years. Once again she was standing at the same point where she started from.
” May be I would never get it in my life “, her trembling lips murmured in disappointment.
” May be after many years I would find myself at the same point”, another fear hammered her head.
“May be once again I …….”
“No ….. no please quiet, please ………. please …… pleeeeease or my head will burst. I beg you please stop it, please quiet ……. please ……..”
She shouted due to the unbearable pain she has been suffering from at the moment. She squeezed her hands harder in order to get rid of all of these stabbing words but more she squeezes, louder the voices become. She forgot that her timid hands could barrier external voices only but not those arising from her head and heart.

She squeezed her hands harder and harder and harder and finally …….
…. all of a sudden everything inside her calmed down ……

…. the storm of unbearable voices succeeded in finding its way through her nose. Next moment her body was rested on the floor, may be in peace.

Total words: 249

This is a short story entry by PLB member Mona Sohail.

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