Contest Entry by Zahra Taha: ‘Lost & Found’

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Contestant Name: Zahra Taha

Topic: Lost & Found

It was a long dark tunnel. The race had now begun. He had to be the fastest, the toughest. It was going to be very perilous. Many would fall after each obstacle. He had to swim through, leaving all competition behind him.

He looked around. There were a million. That was him, his rationality, One in a million. But he couldn’t let that deter him. The stakes were too high.

If he lost this race, he would dissolve into nothingness. He will never ever get this chance again. For eternity.

But what if he won? He thought.

They will all die.

All. One less than a million.

Can I do it? He pondered. Can I partake a race that will throw out of existence all that are with me IF I WIN?

But that was the name of the game. He had to prove that he was the fittest, most capable. The most compatible. So he raced the fastest, swiftest to the finish line.

One month later.

She had tears in her eyes, as she read the report. The results were positive. They were going to have a baby!

Total words: 189

This is a short story entry by PLB member Zahra Taha.

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