Contest Entry by Zehra Amin: ‘Voices’

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Contestant Name: Zehra Amin Dossani

Topic: Voices

‘Oh no, I can’t do anything. I’m the one who always been regretted by men because they think we’re nothing, they want us to do whatever they want to. It seemed insulting a women is their right. Yesterday l just spoke to my husband about sending my daughter to the nearest school and… Not even he refused me but started criticizing me that how dare l could think that. No women got educated in his family because they don’t want their females to keep their wishes and use their brains. Huuhh’ she cried

‘So, won’t you send your daughter to school?’ a voice came from far. She saw here and there but couldn’t find anyone and replied in heavy voice ‘No, I’ll be thrown out of my own home and would lost my daughter forever’

‘Hmm. But if you don’t raise your voice then may be same thing goes with your daughter too.’ the voice asked humbly

‘It’s her luck’ she replied.

‘Luck? You can’t blame the Luck. Your God has also given you ability and brain to do something independently. If everyone starts blaming the Luck, it’s mean Humans should not put in any effort. Just sit and see the things happening itself’ the voice screamed
Suddenly, she woke up with a loud noise of thunder and lightning and she felt the drops of rain falling inside and washing off her fear. She came up with a vision in that night and stood up to reach on her destination.

Total words: 250

This is a short story entry by PLB member Zehra Amin Dossani.

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