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Contestant Name: Huma Rana

Topic: Lost & Found

“Do you really want to end this relationship ? Do you want to leave me ,just because you Don’t want to lose this stupid job opportunity ? I know you can’t survive without me even for a day. Reconsider your decision Please!” With a beep tone and these words , mobile screen lightened up.
She read the message from a person she literally couldn’t imagine her life without and closed her eyes to reconsider . She thought of the love and bond she had been sharing with him for almost a decade and then suddenly she thought of all the moments where she did everything that she never wanted to , just because ‘he’ wanted to. She opened her eyes and a flash back of all the opportunities came ,which she let go because she didn’t want to lose ‘him’. For the ten precious years of her life she had been living in the bubble of love. Her mind has stopped raising voice and his word had been the last word for each and everything in her life because she didn’t want to lose him not realizing she had lost her own self!
Her eyes sparkled with the unshed tears and a sad smile swept across her lips while she typed:
“I will survive, because, I’ve found ME!”

Total words: 218

This is a short story entry by PLB member Huma Rana.

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