Contest Entry by Maria Shahid: ‘Lost & Found’

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Contestant Name: Maria Shahid

Topic: Lost & Found

Somewhere along Terminal 2, l lost the suitcase.

In a frenzied and panicked state, I hurried counter to counter; growing frustrated at the dismissive, tired, and angry faces of the staff.

What was in that bag?

A few clothes, sentimental souvenirs from travels, friends —–past lovers. Now my hands were just as empty as my heart – nothing to offer to myself or the world around me.

Nothing to distract others from the fact that I was scared, scared shit to be visible alone.

I often reminisce and imagine the pale faces of airport security; uninviting and fierce- as if I stared at them too long they would discover, that I was a loser.

The smell of the Arab passengers’ perfumes both assaulting and seductive, the piercing hazel eyes of the German boy, his faint smile and the sensation I felt. Wondering whether his gaze was sizing me up or simply admiring.

The familiar sound of Pakistani travelers chattering to distant relatives about the duty free shopping.

And then there was me, lost like my luggage waiting to be found and taken far away.

My destinations: Moscow via Dubai and then Islamabad.


Work. Love. Family.

I didn’t like the work, the love no longer loved me and family I could not remember.

“Ms. Lily Khan please come to counter 6”, announced the speaker.

As I headed towards the counter overwhelmed by the crowd around, the warm brown eyes of my father found me.

Total words: 244

This is a short story entry by PLB member Maria Shahid.

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