Contest Entry by Munira Murtaza: ‘Voices’

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Contestant Name: Munira Murtaza

Topic: Voices

The intruders of my life…

It was decided when I was born
I will be conquered by one
I may live or not that long
But it was decided when I was born
I was tamed and polished accordingly
As a piece of craft before exhibiting
That was LOVE
My creators said
Unknowingly what life will hold
It was decided when I was born
I was burdened when turned 20
Oh! Not yet committed
That’s so shame
My ambitions dreams all in vain
Cause It was decided when I was born
Generation gap was an excuse
Not to let out your thoughts
Depression term wasn’t much known
Suppression suffocation
Was common for all
HE was forced to be a breadwinner
SHE was forced to a homemaker
That’s how thoughts were mold
My life was decided when I was born

Few years later an Angel came
Started holding my finger
With love and fear
I hold her tight and calm her down
I whisper her good luck every now n then
I assure her she has wings
To fly as high as she could
To be the best of Human alive
Cause nothing was decided when she was born!

Total words: 198

This is a short story entry by PLB member Munira Murtaza.

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