Contest Entry by Quratulain Thalho: ‘Prisoners’

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Contestant Name: Quratulain Thalho

Topic: Prisoners

Waking up with a hunger pang, Maya jumped out of bed to look for a sandwich but to her disappointment, there was no sandwich for her in the kitchen this morning.

Ali, her husband, always makes a sandwich for her before leaving for work while Maya sleeps.

“But what went wrong today? Why didn’t he make me a sandwich? How can he do this to me when he knows I will wake up famished? Doesn’t he love me anymore? Has he stopped caring about me?”, a lot of negative thoughts flooded her mind.

She was assured that her husband is tired of her now as he did not even remember that it’s their anniversary today. She recalled all the things he ignored or skipped doing in the past few days and how he has been hiding his phone from her these days.

When the clock struck 8, the doorbell rang. “There he is”, she murmured while getting up to open the door.

“Happy Anniversary”, he exclaimed with a big smile and handed over a pretty white dress to her. “Here is your new dress that I bought today after a week’s online search. Get ready, we are going out for another surprise”, he said excitedly.

Maya was caught off the guard. But it didn’t take her long to realize how we become prisoners of our own thoughts and let these thoughts take control over our lives. How she ruined her entire day assuming things that didn’t even exist.

Total words: 248

This is a short story entry by PLB member Quratulain Thalho.

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