Contest Entry by Bakhtawar Tufail: ‘Voices’

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Contestant Name: Bakhtawar Tufail

Topic: Voices

Deep down inside she still hears those voices, stuck in her head, like a nightmare haunting her in the daylight.

Voices, that torn her soul to pieces once, though healed now but the scars still remain.

“You’re not marriage material.” one of the voices whispered to her.

“You’re just not good enough,” “you’ll never have all your desires fulfilled.” other voices interrupted.

While she was trying to swallow the pain caught in her throat, she heard another voice murmuring to the second one. ‘What’s the point of burning your midnight oil, you’re going to get married anyways and take care of the chores and kids eventually, you’ll never make anything out of all this.”

Too many voices coming out of too many known characters, choking her soul, her very own existence.

These voices followed her everywhere, to every battle trying to prove them wrong, to every struggle trying to ignore them all.

Just as she sits under her cozy blanket, writing this piece with tears in her eyes, a ring shining on her finger and distinctions hanging on her wall, all these voices are confused.

Confused, because despite all those tears, she was smiling.

Confused, because the scars have faded, the faith has been challenged and the voices have been proven wrong.

Now, there are no more whispers, no more interruptions, and no more murmuring. The voices have finally vanished.

Sitting here, smiling at these voices, she stands tall and proud.

“You have proved these voices wrong.” whispered her achievements.

Total words: 250

This is a short story entry by PLB member Bakhtawar Tufail.

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  1. Well WRITTEN with motivational theme. Your achievements are answers of all the stupid comments given by people.

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