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Contestant Name: Fatima Noor

Topic: Lost & Found

Each year, with the arrival of Spring Maha’s world filled with colors. She loved the season in which flowers bloomed all around her. Her happiness in this season doubled with the arrival of Sana’s family.

Maha looked forward to meeting her best friend in the whole world, and it had been so since she was eight years old. It was when they had first met. Since Sana’s first visit to Pakistan, they were inseparable. They looked like sisters who had been separated at birth, since they were the same age as well. They liked the same games, read the same books and argued with their mothers to wear the same dresses even. Theirs was a friendship that earned jealous looks- pure and forgiving.

But lately, things had changed. They had stopped talking. This made Maha sad. Her every knock was met with silence recently. She really did not know what else to do. Nobody’s response comforted her. Everything seemed strange lately. She felt too tired to seek answers anymore.

It was now 10 long years, since they had spoken and Maha had come to terms with losing her to Cancer. She had lost her, but found her at the same time. They were now closer than they ever were, for it is not about losing someone, but how you remember them.

Total words: 221

This is a short story entry by PLB member Fatima Noor.

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