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Contestant Name: Raiya Sohail Hashmi

Topic: Lost & Found

Carefully adjusting the dupatta on her head, she unlocked the door to reveal a flustered looking policeman standing outside. One look at the lady and Inspector Junaid instantly felt guilty knowing that the news he carried would further disappoint the already devastated angelic looking woman. Mrs. Ibrahim’s red eyes were testament to the fact that she had been crying nonstop. Expectant with hope, she looked at the inspector.

Inspector Junaid, eager to ease the burden off his chest, blurted out, “I am sorry we are unable…”

Before he could complete his sentence, Mrs. Ibrahim burst into tears.

“Don’t worry, we are trying…”, The inspector had no idea how to placate a woman whose husband had been missing for the past five days.

Suddenly, his cellphone rang and he was grateful for the interruption. “Emergency”, he mouthed to Mrs. Ibrahim and went off towards his car. He turned around, waved to the desolate woman and put a hand on his chest to gesture that she need not worry.

As soon as the inspector was out of sight, Aleena closed the door, yanked off her dupatta and ran to the kitchen sink where she washed off the glycerin stinging her eyes. The pressure cooker on the stove was steaming. She turned off the stove, opened the lid and was greeted by the delicious aroma of Korma. She took out a piece of meat and tore the flesh off it. “Yummy,” she exclaimed. This was her fifth husband and the most delicious one yet.

Total words: 250

This is a short story entry by PLB member Raiya Sohail Hashmi.

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