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Contestant Name: Sundeela Fayyaz

Topic: Lost & Found

Rehana was laying on the bed alone but her mind was boggling with voices, disbelieves, hopes, fears and uncertainties. She know that the disease she is diagnosed with is curable but the point is ,“why it happened to me, why I am the chosen one, why?”

She has a feeling that she has lost her life and it’s really painful to believe that all her dreams, decisions has taken away from her and Cancer had made its decision instead.

Suddenly, the gloomy faces of her parents came in front of her and she started crying suddenly a thought came as a spark in her mind that “my parents have always believed that I was born a fighter and I proved it ever since my childhood, at every hard time we faced, then how can I be a weak person?This activated a survival instinct in me. I decided not to give up on my self and I will not let cancer break me.”

Now she is in a state to face the situation not just for fighting to survive but she believes that in this difficult time first you must surrender the life you once had, the self you used to be then the day will come that will redefine you to move forward to embrace life and learn to love your new life.

She said to herself, “I may never be cured, my body may weaken as time passes but I have found the purpose of my life”

Total words: 247

This is a short story entry by PLB member Sundeela Fayyaz.

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