Contest Entry by Anonymous: ‘Prisoners’

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Topic: Prisoners

“It all started with a confusing haze. Nothing registered. “Do not use the top floor washroom, it’s being repaired!” Her father instructed. She couldn’t recall when she went in…

Then came the night she, her sister and father visited their old home, which was under construction. When they entered through the gate, a strong feeling of fear gripped her mind, the fear of getting slaughtered by her own family. She screamed and ran out banging on the neighbors’ doors. The fear was blinding, it blocked all rational thinking, yet it had no sane origin. She was pacified by her mother and brought back home.

The next day she ran out of her home barefoot. She feared that her parents were going to electrocute her. She was caught by her family and coerced back home and then was tranquilized. She was eventually put on treatment and she recovered fully.

Years have passed yet she shudders at the thought of those emotions, which had no real existence. How her own mind had enslaved her…”

Total words: 172

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