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Contestant Name: Emaan

Topic: Voices

Voices, they are all around us, within us, a part of us. This is not a story of an individual, rather the story of each one of us who battle these voices throughout our entire lives. He however, has chosen to break free from these shackles that have haunted him and use the uplifting voices to amend the mistakes he made.

In the midst of clogged thoughts, acting upon a difficult one is not easy. This battle between the voices from the past and the voices in the present was mentally taking a toll on him; either it could end this battle once and for all or make him the version of himself he aspired to be. The voices that once promised him to lead him onto a beautiful path were brushed off and the so called rationality of the mind took

But the voices he hears now are not as musical as they once were; they are of regret and pain. If only he knew then what he understood now, perhaps it would have been easier to allow those soulful lyrics to rightfully guide him through the most intense journey we all are a part of, life.

We all at some point in our lives allow the voices of others to block our own, yet the most melodious is the one that lives within us. And when he realized this, the majestic voices tuned his life into a harmonious song.

Total words: 242

This is a short story entry by PLB member Emaan.

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