Contest Entry by Faryal Waheed: ‘Prisoners’

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Contestant Name: Faryal Waheed

Topic: Prisoners

The shadows of the evening were prevailing. There was hustle and bustle here and there. Everyone was getting ready for the function and busy in makeover. Amidst the noise of the children, walking of the parents here and there and anxious about the arrangements, exercise of the authority and control by the niece, and the dancing of the girls, I was busy in my own thoughts having my own worries. I was feeling too bored when the children were entering the room time and again to see the bride, but no one was worried about me. I was becoming a sacrificial goat and no one was concerned what I was feeling at the moment.

Unwillingly I prepared myself and stood in the window seeing the moon with tears flowing, that all of a sudden Aunty directed to bring me down by saying that guests have come. I was told to sit in a hall like room like a showpiece. The function was at its peak. A voice came “Have a side please, it’s time for Nikah now”. Nikah is the name of agreement between two persons, however the traditions gets priority over the consent of the parties.
“Amna daughter of Atif: Do you accept the Nikah with Ali son of Ashiq”, narrated the Molvi. I remained silent. The same voice came again. Hardly I said Yes, Yes I accept this life of a prisoner and sacrifice myself for the family and chain myself for the customs and traditions.

Total words: 248

This is a short story entry by PLB member Faryal Waheed.

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  1. Very good story and it was so beautifully portrays that it looks like some one personal experience. Good work keep it up Faryal Waheed

  2. Awsome narration. This is dark side of our society. No one even parents aren’t ready to accept this reality

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