Contest Entry by Kaniya Ayesha: ‘Prisoners’

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Contestant Name: Kaniya Ayesha

Topic: Prisoners

It was 3 a.m.,lying on her couch aimlessly she picked her phone scrolling through her old e-dairy suddenly she stopped,her attention was driven by something. She continued reading it which awakens her all slept grief , masked with her humorous and bubbly nature.

“Be quiet”, an aggressive voice echoed in their small house. “You always do the same! Never tried to understand me .” her mother cried. Her father angrily left the home, while her mother bursted into tears.

All brutal, untold, unspoken, childhood memories were evoked. She was free to live her life but was still in unseen prison! Prison of her memories.Her parent’s fights have unconsciously haunted her for many years. She never wished to experience beautiful marital life. Was it possible not to have such natural beautiful feelings as a young girl? No it’s not. It’s prohibited for her! She is a prisoner of her own memories prison.

Every time she tries to step out she got failed. Every rod of the prison was of different metal,i.e. of disrespect, lies , unmet expectations, misunderstanding, blame, betrayal ,regrets etc,reminding she could never cross this prison. No one will ever come with key to unlock and set her free, because that key is of unconditional love which is casted in the casting of respect and passed through the furnace of care. Even if anyone has it, it’s not for her prison. She will always be a prisoner in this prison till her last breath.

Total words: 245

This is a short story entry by PLB member Kaniya Ayesha.

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