Contest Entry by Mehwish Sarfaraz: ‘Lost & Found’

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Contestant Name: Mehwish Sarfaraz

Topic: Lost & Found

I was walking on an empty, long road, the end of which I could not see. Empty handed, bare foot and empty hearted, I looked around and saw tall trees, a beautiful garden and colorful flowers. The sky was clear and scenery breathtaking, but filled with an unexplainable sadness that fell heavy all around. The calm of the place was melancholy, the silence was disturbing. There were no birds in the sky. Even the wind was still. Suddenly, I felt as if I could not breathe. I gasped for air and tried to speak but I couldn’t. I sat down clutching my throat and gasping for air. Breathless and lost, where was I?

Just then I heard rustling of leaves. I looked up, it was him. I called him, but no words came out. There was so much I wanted to say, to hear – but nothing. It seemed he didn’t even know I was there – right behind him, where I always was. I ached for him to look at me, to see me with the same love as he always did. He turned. His searching eyes were filled with sadness, but his gaze went right through me. He couldn’t see me. That’s when the realization hit me, and I smiled sadly. Suddenly, the stillness of the place disappeared, as I internalized that free from the clutches of the worldly desires, of love and of wanting, I was home – I had finally returned to my maker.

Total words: 248

This is a short story entry by PLB member Mehwish Sarfaraz.

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